Halk Yatırım’s firm target, within well designed strategies, is to realize social responsibility projects that are in line with its operations. With this in mind, Halk Yatırım has started supporting the excavations in the ancient city located in Cavdarhisar, Kutahya, that is accepted as the venue for the first stock market 17 centuries ago, Aizanoi.
Keeping in mind that past enlightens the future, protecting history and cultural values is perceived as an important element of social responsibility for Halk Yatırım, in line with corporate culture.
The excavations in one of the many historical places in our country, Aizanoi, has so much importance in bringing our inheritance to light.

In 2014, after 26 years Turkey was re-elected as a member of the World Heritage Committee, which is responsible for determining the candidates of the World Culture Heritage.

Halk Investment, In accordance with The Turkish Republic Culture and Tourism Ministry, General Directorate of Cultural Assets and Museums, article No. 190572 dated 10.01.2013 and it’s Circular on Promoting Support Activities in the Cultural Field, is the official sponsor of Aizanoi ancient city, area known to serving the first stock exchange and is listed as a candidate on UNESCO World Heritage (ref.no 5724).




Please visit the link for the photo album created by a professional team for “Aizanoi Excavation”.



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