Equity Sales

Halkinvest has the adequate technological background necessary to perform equity transactions in a fast and reliable manner. Halkinvest, distinguishes itself among competitors by having  access to most up-to-date and objective financial data through its fast transmisson order process.

You can order all of your Equities’ transactions through our 10 branches distributed all over Turkey and our call center-Invest Dialogue (444 HALK), mobile applications or at your convenience, at home, in your office or anywhere in the world, which has access to the world wide web.


Margin Trading

Margin trading is the right investment strategy for the investors who anticipates in the overall market, yet which cannot invest more sources from their own portfolio stock.

If you have equities but no cash in your investment portfolio, then you can opt for margin trading.

Customers can trade more stocks for their portfolio by getting loans from Halkinvest without  having to cash out stocks (Halkinvest has certain loan limits for each stock listed on ISE 100 or ISE 30).  Halkinvest has a loan policy, which sets limits to how much one can get loans to trade more stocks by using their own portfolio stock.


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